Q: Can I go on an Electric bike Tour with Kstar as my award winning local guide?
A: Yes, Kstar provides a 2 hour Port Douglas tour for $40 per person and a 3 hour "DELUXE" Tour for $60. Receive expert commentary and see the best spots in town. Eat bush tucker and get a complimentary beverage. Tours are based on a minimum of 4 people riding.
Q: How much are the Kstar Electric bikes to hire?
A: Kstar Electric Bikes are hired at $20 for 2 hours, $30 for 4 hours and $40 for an all day hire. Overnight hire is $60 with pick up anytime from 9am and drop off up until 5pm the next day. Multiple day hire rates can be discussed upon application.
Q: Where do we hire from and drop off and at what times?
A: All riders must physically come down to the Kstar Tours office at 3/54 Macrossan St, Port Douglas next to Coconut Grove and the Tavern Bottleshop. Kstar Electric Bikes can be hired from 9am until 5pm with the last 2 hour hires available at 3pm. Bikes are picked up and returned to the Kstar office only.
Q: How long do the batteries on Kstar Electric bikes last?
A: Up to 5 hours depending on how you ride. Operating in low mode and helping by pedalling a bit, will extend the life of the battery. 2 hour and 4 hour hires will have the battery last the whole time and full day hire riders would need to stop for lunch and not use the bikes for the full 8 hours.
Q: What age groups can ride Kstar Electric Bikes?
A: The cruiser is a comfortable, step thru adult bike for ages 14 and up. The fold up is capable of taking 6 years old all the way to adult as it can handle a 110kg load.
Q: Can I also pedal K-Star Electric Bikes to get exercise?
A: Yes, both the cruiser and the fold-up can be pedalled as well as using the battery - perfect for those who either wish to also get some exercise or just sit back and let the bike do the all the work.
Q: I haven't ridden a bike for a while, am getting a bit older and have a sore knee. Can I still ride a Kstar Electric bike?
A: Yes, because you have the option of just sitting there and balancing on the seat, you can let the bike do all the work using the battery and you never have to pedal once - thus saving your knee and meaning you don't have to be super fit or sprightly.
Q: Are the maps, helmets, locks and keys provided awesome?
A: Yes, we provide awesome maps, with attractions clearly shown and advice on where to go. Safety is paramount with all riders getting helmets. Bikes come with baskets, or you can choose to go without. Locks and keys are provided if you hop off the bike and go for a walk.
Q: Can I ride a Kstar Electric Bike on the beach, on grass or off-road?
A: Kstar bikes are only for roads and footpaths, of which Port Douglas has plenty - you will be able to explore the whole area easily on smooth, safe, bike paths, pavements and roads.
Q: Are there limits to how far I can take the Kstar Electric Bikes?
A: Yes, for safety reasons the Kstar Electric bikes must remain within the confines of Port Douglas. Riding on the highway is not allowed. Also, Kstar limits use of the bikes to the old lighthouse on Wharf St and not all the way up Port Douglas hill to the top lookout - it is too dangerously steep (the brakes and batteries don't like it) and the way cars fly around the corners means it is unsafe for biking.
Q: What is the famous "Kstar Concession card"?
A: Kstar has 27 different business partners who all provide Kstar Electric Bike riders with a 5 day concession at their resort/tour/restaurant/cafe businesses, ranging from up to 15% off, to cheaper entry to happy hour prices to free refreshments on entry.
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